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Competitive Advantages

What is Leading Dynamics and what is the competitive advantage of the brand name?

An evolutionary, agile and dynamic brand name, in the training & consulting business, which is powered by knowledge and inspired by achievement. Professionalism – Expertise – Inspiration is our motto, which ensures our success, makes us unique and different from competition; as well as the superior quality of our services, the passion of our people and the relationships we build and maintain with our clients and associates.

How can our organization benefit by utilizing Leading Dynamic (LD) services?

LD provides several services and an extensive number of training solutions aiming to save our clients considerable time and energy in researching and identifying appropriate resources. The LD training list can fill virtually most organizational needs or training and development objectives.

What are the training methods and tools utilised by Leading Dynamics?

Our leading and dynamic approach to learning is supported by the training methods and the variety of tools we employ as well as our team’s expertise and value. We are fond of highly interactive and responsive methods and we always create a training atmosphere which enhances learning through the transfer and injection of knowledge and the realistic advancement of the skills and competencies of the participants.

We already use in-house trainers or we consistently use another resource. Why should we hire you?

It’s simple. You should hire us because we offer such a large and diverse range of solutions that help fill in the gaps that are left by your internal trainers or external vendors. Almost all leading organizations utilize a variety of sources to provide for their needs. We are not looking to replace your current resources; we serve as an alternative or adjunct when you cannot find just the right training specialist, speaker, or consultant you’re looking for.

What can Leading Dynamics provide to our organization after the completion of a contract?

LD’s role and contribution doesn’t stop when the contract with you has been completed. The LD team is always available to answer inquiries, provide advice and offer support on any topic and pertinent item, assistance may be requested; this is part of the after sales policy we operate. We are engaged to help your organization, develop, perform and succeed!

Why choose Leading Dynamics?

Deep Knowledge to share & exchange, vast experience to practice & show, Industry, hands-on expertise to manage & lead. Professionalism, Pasion, uniqueness, innovation, supreme standards and excellence in everything we do. Strict ethical code of conduct which embraces respect, honesty, transparency, responsibility, commitment and engagement. Stand ready to closely cooperate with you in addressing and satisfying your unique needs. Committed to providing a seamless WOW experience and exceed your every expectation. A Leading and Dynamic approach to knowledge and development!

Industries / Markets Served

Which Markets and Industries are served by Leading Dynamics?

LD services and training programs are of contemporary nature and have been designed to apply to and fulfil the current and emerging needs of most organizations in diverse markets, varied industries and business segments. An indicative but not exhaustive list of markets and industries we serve includes:
  • Aviation
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality and Leisure
  • Maritime and Shipping
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Banking and Financial
  • Retail and Consumer
  • etc.

Does Leading Dynamics provide services outside Cyprus?

Yes, we can travel anywhere we can be of value and assistance to you.

Training Programs

How can we know the exact details for an in-house training program?

Once you decide on the course title(s) from the list which is provided, do relay the information / request to us. We will revert shortly and if deemed necessary, we may request a few additional details. As soon as we have a comprehensive picture, a complete proposal, describing in detail all variables will be dispatched to you for assessment. Once reviewed, we will be happy to receive your feedback on the proposal, in an effort to modify and update potential elements which might require improvement, if any. We are receptive to constructive criticism and open to suggestions and feedback; therefore your input is fundamental in developing the appropriate proposal to perfectly fit your needs, goals and objectives.

We have a need for a particular program, but it is not listed on your training catalogue. What do we do?

The training catalogue is an indicative tool and essentially contains the most popular topics; although it is constantly amended and upgraded, we cannot show everything on the list. From time to time our training database is updated and enriched with new topics and training subjects. We do ask you to join our website and connect to our social media channels for continuous updates and news. Potentially, we can serve you even better through a phone-based interview to ascertain your organization's specific requirements, which will allow us to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective training solution just for you.

How can we organize a training program at our location and what are the costs involved?

Provided a course is organized at your location (in-house training venue) it is certain that the overall cost will drop considerably. We can help you expedite all necessary arrangements, in an easy and problem free manner. In such a case, hospitality and welfare issues should be arranged directly by you.

How can we arrange a training program at an outside training facility and what are the costs involved?

Essentially this is our responsibility. Alternatively, and in case you want to assume this duty, we can help you identify and book an outside training venue. We can offer suggestions and alternatives and/or participate in any assessment exercise if requested. In the case of a selection of an external venue the overall training cost will rise based on the fee applied by the training venue provider. Welfare and hospitality costs should also be budgeted. There are always economic solutions that can keep the cost low and within budget.

Does Leading Dynamics offer Training Packages or Training Programs, beyond solo training courses?

It certainly does. We offer the 2-plus scheme which is a cost-effective solution. You may batch together a number of different titles from the listing of training courses which is provided, to make up a unique training package, suitable to your in-house needs. Significant discounts apply for programs made up of 2 courses plus. Similar discounts apply for a series of courses (more than 2 training sessions in a row) on the same title.


What is the maximum number of trainees in a class?

In order to enhance the training experience, boost knowledge and maximise the learning benefits and educational value, the number of delegates in the class is kept to up to 15 people per session; unless special conditions prevail, that we need to look into and assess in direct liaison and agreement with you.

How can we arrange a training course for a group of employees for our organization?

Simply review the titles of the available training courses, decide on the one(s) which is (are) appropriate to your organization and for the development of your human resources and let us know. We can then decide on the dates, the venue and other details necessary to design, develop and deliver a value for money training program.

Can Leading Dynamics deliver a training session at our place or do we need to have our employees come to you?

A training session can be arranged at any suitable training venue. Your place or an alternative external location is purely your own decision. We can certainly come to you and deliver the sessions at your in-house training venue or a nearby suitable room.


Do Leading Dynamics prices differ from similar offerings?

We are flexible in the design and development of our training programs, flexible and sensitive with our pricing policy, in order to meet any budgetary limitation. Most of our classroom courses and training topics are structured and offered in various versions and logically priced to meet and exceed your expectations and differ from similar offerings: Basic = 1 or 2 day, Introductory course Premium = 2 or 3 day, Progressive course Elite = 4 or 5 day, Advanced course

How can Leading Dynamics keep the cost of training services low?

We aim to keep prices as low as possible without compromising the quality of our services and/or the added value for the customer. In order to achieve this, although we invest a lot in design and development, we constantly strive to keep the cost of overheads down. Our prices are market and customer driven and compare favourably with the industry average price index. We are open to benchmarking. We offer value for money and often expectations will pleasantly surprise you. Contact us to get a quote and we will provide the exact price based on your individual and specific needs.

We don't want any off-the-shelf program. Can you customize it according to our group's needs? If so, will this be at additional cost to us?

In order to be the provider of quality, value-added services, basic tailoring is included for all programs that we design and provide. This helps us deliver programs that meet the specific needs of the participants and the organization. This tailoring will consist of interview questions and/or a phone interview prior to the design and delivery of the program. No extra or hidden cost is included for basic customization. We also offer extensive customization at an additional cost. Based on issues facing the organization, you and your organization may need a fully customized program or a lesser level of assistance such as development of case studies to reflect your specific situation. With a more extensive assessment and a gap analysis we can develop company-specific exercises, case studies, discussions, or assessments to fulfil your organizational needs. This customization is based on the hours required by our trainer/consultant to complete the program.

More information

How can we get more information about the services offered by Leading Dynamics?

We tailor our services and training programs to suit your specific needs. Please call us at (+)357 70000075 or email us at to seek more information. We are delighted to answer to inquiries and provide suggestions and solutions. We are more than happy to discuss with you over the phone or to meet with you in person, if feasible.


We tailor our services and training programs to suit your needs.
Please call (+)357 70000075 or contact us in writing to seek more information.
We are delighted to answer to inquiries and provide suggestions and solutions