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How to Facilitate Organizational Change

  1. Understand the need for change – know where you are and visualize where you want to go
  2. Gain buy in from the executive team and the senior management
  3. Communicate the intention to change – explain the need, ease the concerns and reassure people
  4. Prepare the organization for change – set the principles and determine the strategies, design the road map & utilize a change management model
  5. Decide for gradual or radical changes or a hybrid approach, depending on the issue, the urgency and criticality
  6. Listen, involve, motivate & engage employees
  7. Employee change leaders, change agents & change influencers
  8. Use a monitor & control mechanism; To assess risk, mitigate hazards and effectively manage potential failures – Follow the Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle
  9. Don’t leave people in the dark: communicate – communicate – communicate
  10. Celebrate change wins, ground firmly change anchors and integrate successful changes in the organizational culture