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Management is Performance – Leadership is Inspiration

The controversy keeps growing. What best fits in the business environment and the industry where we operate – Managers or Leaders? what best reflects the corporate culture – Management or Leadership? The answer is clear and easily derived by understanding what management is and what managers do and how they act, on the one side; […]

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The Ιmportance of Knoweledge Building and Skill Enhancement

Not surprisingly the significance of knowledge has been recognized hundreds of years ago. The quote “Knowledge is Power”, originally expressed as “knowledge itself is power”, is commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, back in 1597. But why knowledge is power? The question is easily answered by defining knowledge; the term implies facts and information acquired […]

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Professionalism & Business Ethics

What does “being professional” actually mean? how co-workers perceive your professional capacity? Surely professionalism is beyond achievement or possessing work-related competencies and meeting job targets and organizational objectives. It is essentially the business lifestyle you adopt; the way you conduct and perform in the working environment. It is relationships, attitude, mannerism and ethics together with […]

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Management of Change

The only constant thing in life is change. Likewise organizational change is continuous and necessary. The need is necessitated because of geopolitical and economic realignment, the emerging markets and the rise of new economies which target the scarce resources. The global business context we operate is characterized by fierce competition, the advancement of technology, continuous […]

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Disaster and Crisis Management

It is certain that most organizations, if not all, at some point during their life span, will go through a crisis or a serious emergency; while some companies will experience such an unfortunate event, not once but several times. When the disaster strikes will you be ready to go through and effectively manage the crisis […]

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