Advanced Consultancy & Training Solutions


The Essence

Value for money Guaranteed!

  • Α market and customer-driven policy, an elastic and flexible pricing plan; to meet and exceed expectations and the organization’s price benchmark – often expectations get you by surprise in a positive way
  • A highly sensitive pricing scheme, which compares favourably with the industry average price index
  • A client-customised pricing structure which considers scope, quality, time and budget
  • No extra costs, hidden charges or overheads
  • Lower rates and discounts apply for training programs (group of courses and seminars) or a combination of services
  • A premium product and a high value service which is provided at a reasonable price
  • HRDA subsidization possible for local companies and organizations
  • Return on Investment guaranteed!

Rest assured that the pricing policy reflects only to the lowest margin the precious value, deep knowledge, vast experience and industry expertise of our trainers and consultants!

Do contact us direct to find workable and mutually beneficial solutions in the most cost-effective and efficient manner



Organizations in Cyprus may apply for HRDA subsidization as per applicable regulations, for courses inside the organization, with the participation of 6 employees and above (in-house training)